Basalt Creek / West Railroad Planning  

The Cities of Tualatin & Wilsonville

Welcome to the Basalt Creek / West Railroad Planning Website!


What's New? 

The project staff is ready to kick-off planning work! On January 27 the Tualatin City Council approved a contract with a planning firm, Fregonese Associates, who will help develop a concept plan for the area. The next step is to develop a detailed work plan and a Public Involvement Plan. Stay tuned for a fresh new project website in the coming weeks.



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What is the Basalt Creek / West Railroad Planning Area?

The Basalt Creek and West Railroad Planning Areas are generally located between the Cities of Tualatin and Wilsonville.  Did you know that the two cities are less than a mile apart?  In between the sourthern edge of Tualatin and the northern boundary of Wilsonville lies an area approximately 600-acres in size known as Basalt Creek Planning Area.  For size comparison, over 600 football fields could fit in the area!  Currently, the land is composed of a mix of residences, nurseries, farms, forests, and a creek.

In 2004, this area was added to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) for residential and industrial uses by the Portland metropolitan area regional government, Metro.  In addition, an area to the west of Coffee Creek Correctional Facility known as West Railroad Planning Area was added to the UGB.  In total, both areas encompass 775 acres.  To view a map of the areas, Click here.

Who Will Plan the Area?

In recognition that the Cities of Tualatin and Wilsonville are less than a mile apart, the Cities wish to work together to plan this area.  This collaborative effort will ensure that the property owners, community members, elected officials, and staff from both Cities are involved in creating a vision for the future of this area that enhances the quality of life.

What is a Concept Plan?   

In general, a concept plan identifies a vision for the subject area and guides future land use and transportation.  Additionally, it outlines an implementation strategy for future provision of urban services (water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems), other public services, and protection of natural and cultural resources.


Why a Concept Plan? 

The Basalt Creek/West Railroad Area has been in the UGB since 2004; however, property owners have been unable to pursue urban development because a concept plan must be prepared first.  Prior to incorporating this land into either City, both Cities wish to address the needs of the area residents as well as other community members and set a plan to provide adequate services, coordinate land use and transportation, and preserve natural resources.